ChatGPT Takes the Wheel in Mercedes Cars

Mercedes-Benz is piloting a program where U.S. drivers will engage with their car's infotainment system using AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The feature aims to transform interactions, making them more natural and comprehensive.

ChatGPT Takes the Wheel in Mercedes Cars

Mercedes-Benz to Pilot AI Conversations with ChatGPT Integration

On Thursday, Mercedes-Benz declared that a select number of their American drivers would be privy to an exciting new feature - the ability to hold dialogues with their vehicle's infotainment system, courtesy of ChatGPT. This pilot initiative will kick off on Friday, June 16.

The AI tool, ChatGPT, will be available for download to about 900,000 Mercedes vehicles equipped with the "MBUX" systems. After opting in through a Mercedes app or a voice command, drivers will experience this technology for a trial period of three months. Mercedes' goal for this period is to assess how the AI tool is being utilized by its customers.

The current voice command feature set, like the ability to activate seat heaters, will be enriched with the addition of ChatGPT. The AI tool is programmed to offer more natural, human-like responses, and answer a wider range of requests, including providing destination information and even suggesting meal recipes.

This partnership extends a business opportunity to Microsoft, as it supplies a version of the popular AI chatbot via its cloud services. This is seen as Microsoft's move to compete with, which has been pushing to incorporate its voice assistant, Alexa, into an increasing number of cars. Microsoft's involvement with OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT, underscores their commitment.

Mercedes-Benz also announced that the traditional "Hey Mercedes" voice commands will be supplemented with more comprehensive car-driver conversations. In the near future, Microsoft hinted that plug-ins could allow drivers to complete various tasks, such as making restaurant reservations or booking movie tickets, straight from their cars.

Insights gained from this pilot program will guide Mercedes' future plans for implementing AI technology across different regions and languages. The company has assured that all voice data collected will be securely stored, anonymized, and analyzed within the Mercedes cloud.

Even as Mercedes takes a step forward with this program, competitor General Motors has disclosed that it is considering the application of ChatGPT in its vehicles as part of a wider agreement with Microsoft.

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