How to Apply for a Duplicate Title

Has your car title gone missing or been damaged? This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the process of obtaining a replacement title, detailing the forms, fees, and notary requirements for each state. Find the information you need to reclaim your vehicle's ownership and get back on the road.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Title

There are many situations where you may need a new or updated car title, such as misplacing it, damage from natural disasters or theft, or even damage caused by pets. It's essential to address this issue promptly, as you'll need the title for various transactions involving your vehicle. Moreover, the title may be required when re-registering your vehicle after moving to a new state. Since most states need time to process and mail a replacement title, it's best not to delay.

In this article, we provide an overview of the process to obtain a replacement title and the necessary supporting documents.

A car title is the legal proof of your ownership. If it's lost or damaged, you must request a duplicate from the relevant authority. Usually, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a similar organization is responsible for this. In some cases, other departments handle title replacements, such as the Department of Justice or the Secretary of State.

Each state has its regulations for replacing a lost car title, but the fundamental steps are similar. This guide will help you navigate the process seamlessly.

Why Replace a Lost Car Title?

A car title is an official document proving your ownership. It's necessary for transactions like selling, using your vehicle as collateral for a loan, gifting, or donating.

Essential steps to replace your lost car title:

Step 1 - Identify Your State's Motor Vehicle Authority

The state authority responsible for issuing car titles is usually called the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a similar name. In some states, other departments or offices handle car title management.

Step 2 - Complete the Appropriate Form

Each state has its form for replacing a lost car title. Most states offer these forms as downloadable PDFs that can be filled out on your computer or device before printing.

Step 3 - Submit the Form and Pay the Fee

Some states allow you to submit your application for a replacement car title online. In other states, you will need to apply by mail or in person.

How to Replace a Lost Car Title by State

This guide provides an overview of the process for obtaining a replacement title in your state. Visit your state's DMV or other motor vehicle authority website to verify the requirements.

State Form Fee Notary Required
Alabama MVT 12 1 $15.00 No
Alaska Form 809 $15.00 Yes
Arizona 96 0236 $4.00 No
Arkansas 10 381 $10.00 No
California Reg 227 $22.00 Yes
Colorado DR 2539A $8.20 No
Connecticut H 6B $25.00 No
Delaware MV 213 $50.00 No
District of Columbia DMV CTA 001 $26.00 No
Florida HSMV 82101 $75.25 No
Georgia MV 1 $8.00 No
Hawaii County of Hawaii form $5.00 Yes
City and County of Honolulu form $10.00 Yes
County of Maui form $10.00 Yes
County of Kauai form $5.00 Yes
Idaho ITD 3367 $14.00 Yes
Illinois 190 $95.00 No
Indiana 205 $15.00 No
Iowa 411033 $25.00 No
Kansas TR 720B $10.00 No
Kentucky TC 96 182 $6.00 Yes
Louisiana DPSMV1799 $76.50 Yes
Maine MVT 8 $46.00 Online, $33.00 Mail No
Maryland VR 018 $20.00 No
Massachusetts T20558 $25.00 No
Michigan OSRS $25.00 No
Minnesota PS 2067A 18 $17.25 No
Mississippi 78 006 $9.00 Yes
Missouri DOR 108 $14.50 Yes
Montana MV7 $10.30 No
Nebraska RV 707A $14.00 Yes
Nevada VP012 $21.00, $36.00 if car is not in state Yes
New Hampshire TDMV 18 $25.00 No
New Jersey OS SS 52 $60.00 No
New Mexico MVD 10901 $5.00 No
New York MV 902 $20.00 No
North Carolina MVR 5 $20.00 Yes
North Dakota SFN 2872 $5.00 No
Ohio BMV 3774 $15.00 Yes
Oklahoma 701 7 $12.50 Yes
Oregon 735 515 $93.00 No
Pennsylvania MV 380 $55.00 Yes
Rhode Island TR 2 TR 9 $52.50 Yes
South Carolina Form 400 D $15.00 No
South Dakota MV 010 $10.00 Yes
Tennessee RV F 1321801 $11.00 No
Texas VTR 34 $2.00 mail, $5.45 in person No
Utah TC 123 $6.00 No
Vermont VT 004 $35.00 No
Virginia VSA 67 $15.00 in person or mail, $14.00 online No
Washington TD 420 040 $35.50 Yes
West Virginia DMV 4 TR $15.00 No
Wisconsin MV2119 $20.00 No
Wyoming By county $15.00 Yes

Making Corrections on a Duplicate Title

Update your records when replacing a lost car title if you've recently changed your name due to marriage or divorce. You might need to submit a form with a brief explanation for the name change.

How to Replace a Lost Car Title Not in Your Name

If you purchased a used car from a private seller and lost the title before applying for a title transfer, try to have the seller request the duplicate. Under certain circumstances, you can replace a lost car title with a court order.


A car title proves your lawful ownership of a vehicle. If it's lost or damaged, you can apply for a duplicate.

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