Daring Florida Man's Wild Porsche Caper: A Turbo-Charged Tale of Mischief!

Join the wild ride as a Florida man pulls off a daring heist, making off with a valuable Porsche Turbo from a car museum. With cunning maneuvers, fake documents, and a touch of movie-worthy drama, this turbo-charged escapade unfolds like no other!

Daring Florida Man's Wild Porsche Caper: A Turbo-Charged Tale of Mischief!

Are you ready for a wild ride? Buckle up, because we've got a car caper that's straight out of an action movie, and it all went down at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum in sunny Florida. This museum, home to around 150 stunning cars and boasting the second-oldest continuous car exhibit in the US (after the Henry Ford Museum, of course), had an unexpected visitor with a need for speed.

Imagine a rare 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo, a prized possession valued at a cool $250,000, proudly sitting among the museum's impressive collection. But on a fateful morning, June 14 to be exact, this Porsche vanished from the spotlight, leaving everyone scratching their heads and wondering: whodunit?

Well, it turns out our protagonist is none other than local legend Daniel Boyce, aged 36. In a display of stealthy maneuvering, he slipped into the museum in the dead of night, setting off alarms left and right. The police couldn't catch a glimpse of him, and even though they showed up on the scene, they couldn't find a single clue. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if the needle had just driven off in a stolen Porsche.

Fast forward five hours, and suddenly things escalated. A door had been jimmied open, a chain link fence snipped like it was confetti, and the 930 Turbo? Poof, it was gone! What followed was a daring escapade that would make even the slickest movie heist jealous.

Apparently, Boyce had a one-on-one with seven other exhibit cars, expertly maneuvering them out of his path like a boss. And how did he escape? With a can of gas, some keys just lying around on the Porsche's floorboard, and a dream to drive that Turbo into the sunset. Talk about resourceful!

Of course, the drama didn't stop there. An anonymous tipster swooped in like a real-life hero, revealing that Boyce had hidden a brown Porsche Turbo in a warehouse. Cue the entrance of not one, not two, but three police forces, because this was officially the real deal.

But wait, there's more! Boyce, in his time with the 930 Turbo, channeled his inner master forger. He conjured up a collection of fake documents that would put even the craftiest magician to shame. He started with a VIN from a long-gone 1976 Porsche, mixed in a dash of bill of sale from Maine, threw in an odometer verification letter, and topped it all off with a letter from a company called Triton Engineering, LLC, giving his grand scheme an air of legitimacy.

Now, when confronted by detectives about this web of deception, Boyce's response was a classic, "I do not recall." But oh, how the plot thickens! The scheming didn't go unnoticed, and our cunning car thief found himself charged with "scheming to defraud." Looks like his memory might need a tune-up!

And where is our daring protagonist now? Well, he's hanging out behind bars, held without bond at the Sarasota County Jail, his next appearance scheduled for September 22. If you've got any juicy info to share, the police are all ears. Just ring up the Criminal Investigations Division at (941) 263-6070 or keep it hush-hush and leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers at (941) 366-TIPS or www.sarasotacrimestoppers.com.

As if that weren't enough drama, let's not forget the side story. The museum, which stands on land owned by New College Florida (NCF), had a bit of a showdown. NCF gave the museum the boot with a six-week notice, but when it was clear that moving an entire classic car collection in that time was about as likely as finding a unicorn, they extended the deadline by four months. Yet, NCF wasted no time in swooping in to claim their share of the turf. The museum, however, is undeterred and is rallying for donations to make their relocation dreams a reality.

So, there you have it, folks. A car theft caper that's part Hollywood, part real-life hijinks, and all-around turbo-charged excitement. Let's just hope the days of leaving keys on floorboards are firmly in the rearview mirror!

Source: "Florida man steals 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo from Sarasota car museum"
by Jonathon Ramsey, originally published on autoblog.com on Aug 9th, 2023 at 8:21 AM.